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Motion Design

Pufferfish offers a full-service motion design and content building facility. Our in-house facility is headed by a veteran broadcast designer and offers bespoke 3D, 2D, and post work suitable for all sectors. Of course, when it comes to spherical content, we are without peer.

For larger projects we can integrate into your preferred suppliers workflow or call upon our network of producers, directors, designers, and camera operators to ensure your vision is realised. We also offer training in spherical content production, media server operation, and technician supply.

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When you undertake a project utilizing Pufferfish hardware, we don’t just stop at making it simple to use and quick to deploy.  That’s why Pufferfish is at your disposal with an invaluable mass of specialist experience in spherical projection, volumetric video display, and immersive technologies.

We have extensive contacts and global partners across a wide range of industries we know you’ll benefit from. With the particular specialist knowledge and skills they carry, we’ll make sure that you reap the benefits of our network. With our existing products or custom solutions you’ll find us enthusiastic to ensure that the solution you choose is the right one for you.

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